Yes! Pure and delicious latex can also be worn as outerwear. These trenchcoats are so beautiful and gorgeus. Im not sure where they can be bought, but if you know please tell me. I really like the beige trench coat at the bottom, so amazing with black buttons and tight belt. It looks so elegant and feminine. Its actually something I would love to wear outside!

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  1. My first time wearing latex out in public, to a vanilla engagement, was a thrill I will never forget. My husband purchased a pair of latex tights for me at Purple Passion in NYC. We were staying at the W Hotel on Lexington and 49th, across from the Waldorf and it was winter time. We were going to Nobu that evening and standing outside, waiting for the cab, was exhilaration beyond belief. As we walked into Nobu, I remember the looks from several women, all approving, of the slick, shiny, tight leggings along with over the knee Joie lace up boots. I can’t wait to do that again.

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