Glove worship

I get a lot of questions about my glove fetish and thought I should explain a little about glove worshipping. Glove worship can be a rally powerful experience, both live and in a fetish clip. Some of you may know that I really enjoy having my gloves worshipped. It doesn’t really matter what kind of gloves as long as its latex or some kind of rubber gloves. For someone with a true glove fetish this sort of things can be a really intense. I can only imagine how it would feel like for a submissive to lick my black latex gloves, kissing them and completely surrendering to my gloves. For me it is a rush trough my whole body. Its like I’m feeding of the victims sole. Pretty weird for most people but if you have a glove fetish you would know what I´m talking about. It goes even beyond the worshipping part. Wearing my gloves gives me the feeling of strength. I feel confident, powerful, exotic, feminine and sexy. I could easily manipulate and tease my victim. But back to the glove worship. I really enjoy having my latex gloves kissed and licked. Seeing a submissive kneeling before me and my gloved fingers in his mouth is just pure delight. Letting him really taste and smell my gorgeous gloves. Nothing else in the whole world matters to him and his weak mind can barely comprehend what is happening. Fun and really exiting. I would encourage more glove enthusiasts to try this. Either if you are a Domme or submissive you would enjoy this!


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