Gloved brainwashing

Maybe some of you have heard about this, but this is something I would really like to explore. Gloved tease to the brink of insanity, and my cold words laughing + some mind blowing long gorgeous latex gloves would do the trick. The subject would need to have a really big glove fetish for it to proper work I guess but the result would be as the description says, a gloved brainwash! Now.. I need some test subjects…..


One thought on “Gloved brainwashing

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever gotten someone to the point of “brainwashed”, but I will tell you that a nice pair of latex gloves, some lube and about 5 cock rings on my husband with slow, controlled edging, getting him right to the point of cumming, then backing off, can drive him to near sexual insanity and I will tell you, what results when he fucks me after that is mind blowing.

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