Gumique latex hoods

I am looking for a hood for my new rubber nurse uniform. I know a hood from Rubber55 would look great but the hoods from Gumique has lots of more features! I basically design my very own hood, like the hoods you see below. I have made three really nice hoods that would look so amazing with my nurse uniform. I would probably remove the ponytail from the design since this hood would go under the jade green nun hood. But the ponytail looks really cute. I really like the second hood. It has a certain clinical look to it and contrast eyes and lips. Even without the ponytail it would look amazing. What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Skjermbilde 2016-03-06 kl. 11.00.57 Skjermbilde 2016-03-06 kl. 11.11.31 Skjermbilde 2016-03-06 kl. 11.16.32


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