Commitment to YouTube

Hello my dear readers. How are you? I´m about to go to bed, really tired actually. Just finished making my brand new YouTube banner. I hope you like it. My YouTube channel is really flourishing at the moment and that really makes me happy! Not only is there lots of views but also very nice feedback and comments. I will continue to upload more and even better videos. I also want to keep a discussion open with all of you about the content. Remember, I started my YouTube channel because there really was no other channel that focused mainly on glove fetish, and thats a shame. I want to share my glove fetish with all of you, and for free 😉 ❤

Its all for now. Good night,

Kisses from

Skjermbilde 2015-03-31 kl. 07.44.15

One thought on “Commitment to YouTube

  1. Bonjour Valentina j’adore ce tu fait il est vrai qu’il y a pas beaucoup de site dédié aux gants fétiches 😘continue sur cette voie 😀 tes dernières vidéos sont génial pour ma part j’adore

    Gros bisous

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