Thursday thoughts


What? Fantastic? It can be pretty fantastic and amazing. Could it be frustrating? I guess it could be frustrating for a lot of people. Fetish can cause both sensation and disappointment. Relationships can be built upon a fetish. And destroyed by one. Fetish is the most wonderful thing in the world. And yet someone sees their fetish as a bad curse. Some people is born with a fetish and some develop them later in life. Someone hide their fetish their entire life. And some share it with the world. In my honest opinion a fetish is just the same as your identity. A fetish is part of who you are. And I believe everyone should embrace their fetish. I read about people who seek advice online for their partners fetish problems. That sort of things makes me angry. Angry because the number one solution to all fetish problems is therapy. Try to forget your fetish. Stop thinking about it. Ways to make your mind avoid thinking about your fetish. Well not me! I don´t believe that anyone should seek therapy for their fetishes. Unless they are highly illegal and can cause serious damage to other people. I believe that anyone with a fetish should embrace it. Share it with the world. Meet likeminded people from all over the world who share your particular fetish. Be proud of your fetish because its part of who you are. In my opinion. Fetish is so …spectacular


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