Early dominance


After I posted my Sunday Thoughts I got lots of related questions on my email. It looks like many of you want to know how I became dominant and what my earliest dominance experience is. So I will post my answer here. The earliest memory I have of something dominance-isn resemblance was back in junior high. I was always the girl who liked to dress properly for school. I was probably only 14 years old when I bought a pair of black stiletto boots. The heels was not extremely high but the boots was knee-high, pointy toes and made of synthetic leather or something like that which made them really glossy. I worn them both to dresses, skirts and even outside my pants. I know, late 90s fashion right! Anyway the absolutely earliest experience I can remember that include some sort of dominance is that a boy from my school started casually talking to me about my clothes. And then moved over to talking about my boots. It was like he wanted me to talk about them. And whenever I worn my boots I got special attention from him. My school had a cafeteria and a large empty basement underneath. Some of us used to hang there between classes. We were a couple of my friends and the boy I mentioned was also there with his friends. When the bell rang I stayed there and I just knew that he would also stay. Because I was wearing my black boots 😉 He got over to me and started talking. His eyes casually looked towards my boots without me knowing it. I will explain later. He of course got into the subject of my clothes. I was wearing a purple cotton dress, long sleeves and a knee length skirt. He complimented my boots again and said that I looked so mature and fancy, or something like that. So we talked for some time and then I suggested to play truth or dare. He agreed and we started exchanging questions only. Teenage questions really. But after a couple of questions he said dare. And this is the earliest moment I can remember when my mind felt the power of dominance. Because I stood up and dared him to kiss my boots. He was so shy the poor boy. But he eventually got down on his knees and gave my right boot a tiny little kiss. Then he asked me a question. Can´t really remember what it was now. He answered dare again. And I stood up and told him to lick my boots for 20 seconds. He was still embarrassed but he did as I told him. And I really enjoyed it. This otherwise tough boy was now somehow degraded and softly humiliated by me and my boots. Nothing more serious happened that day and we eventually went back to our respective classrooms. Now the reason why I know that he casually looked at my boots without me knowing it is that he told me years later when I suddenly got a message from him on Facebook that only said “dare”. We talked about our little truth or dare game and he explained that he has a huge boot fetish. He said my boots was often on his mind.

So thats my earliest experience. I don´t know if this was the sole reason why I became a dominant lady. I guess those feelings have always been dormant somehow. I hope you have enjoyed my early dominance memory.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-31 kl. 07.44.15


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