Question from R Shaw

I got a question from R Shaw earlier today and I thought it was a good question so I will put up the answer here;

Valentina, apart from wearing latex when your are filming videos for
youtube, do you wear latex at other times too ? Like during your
household chores etc ?

Let´s start with the obvious first. Rubber gloves. I always use rubber gloves when I do any kind of chores. I have specific gloves for each tasks. In my kitchen I have about 10 different rubber gloves and some of my favorites for dishwashing and cleaning my kitchen is my long orange rubber gloves, my very long yellow rubber gloves and some short ones. But those two is my favorite kitchen gloves. I also have a couple of rubber gloves in my bathroom for cleaning. I use either one of my casabella rubber gloves there. Other than that I also use rubber gloves for all other chores. Cleaning the floors, windows, doing laundry etc. I also have about 30 pairs of rubber gloves in a drawer in my bedroom. I don´t use them as much doing my chores. 10 of them are natural rubber gloves and really tight and look great together with my nurse uniform. When it comes to latex I often use a black apron when I´m doing dishes and cleaning. But for house chores thats about it. I have worn latex outside many times. I have worn my black latex leggings out shopping, and I often wear it when I go out in general. I have two pairs btw that I use outside. I also have a thick black latex mackintosh that I also have worn out when it rains, together with a pair of glossy hunter boots. It actually looks great. I have also worn black latex gloves outside a couple of times. I can´t think of anything else I have used right now.

But I do know what I want; a long yellow latex apron for cleaning. I can imagine that would look great together with my long yellow rubber gloves. I would also like a complete french maid uniform. That would be fun wearing around and it would also be  fun wearing in my YouTube clips.

The final ting I might ad is that I never travel without some of my rubber gloves or some kind of latex. Just in case. I hope this answers your question and if you have any follow ups please let me know.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-31 kl. 07.44.15


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