Sunday thoughts


Let´s talk about latex and domination. I don´t consider my self as a Dominatrix. Although I am a very, very dominant woman. I would much rather be considered as a latex Goddess. I do like to inflict some pain, but the psychological part of my dominance is so much more enjoyable and exiting. I consider latex as a leverage. A submissive´s kryptonite if you like. My true submissive slave would have to have a serious latex fetish. And a serious glove fetish. I would find all his weak spots and exploit all of his weaknesses. I want him to tremble of fear just by looking at my shiny latex clad body. My piercing cold and dominant eyes would melt his mind completely. And then I would have my way with him. Smacking my powerful latex gloves across his face giving him what I like to call a real rubber face slapping. Letting him kiss and lick my sexy long tight latex gloves while he tells me how incredibly lucky he is. Turn around and let him worship my black latex leggings. Letting him know that he would never find a lady like me ever again. I enjoy that so much. It gives my brain a real rush. It´s far better than any vanilla sex I can tell you that. Teasing and tormenting him will keep him under my total control. Thats just the kind of dominance I have learned to appreciate and cherish. My dominant mind is my most characteristic feature. I consider my self intelligent and sophisticated although I never brag about it. As a slave you would know these things instantly by simply look into my cold dominant eyes.


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