Gloves vs Butts

Skjermbilde 2016-03-28 kl. 12.05.20

Any guy should be lucky to worship a shiny latex butt! Guys belong on their knees with their tongue ready to worship boots and butts! No but seriously its great being appreciated like a true Goddess. Latex is made to be licked clean and shiny don´t you agree? And even better from a submissive who truly adores latex and rubber. I love having my latex butt worshipped but even more so my latex gloves. Glove worship is so underrated! Boot worship is more widely accepted as a role definition between a submissive and his Mistress. Lick my boots slave is a classic sentence any Mistress have uttered at some point. But I rarely hear get over here and lick my gloves! Well thats just my opinion. Butt, boots or gloves are meant to be worshiped. Now get over here! Kneel in front of me. Take my glove. Kiss it! And tell me just how lucky you really are. Yes! You are the luckiest little glove boy in the whole world. Now lick my latex gloves! … ohh … sounds really erotic 😉

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