Where they all got it wrong. Part 2 of 3

The fashion industry has embraced leather for decades and made leather a main stream fashion item. But why is latex so far behind when it comes to transparency and acceptance and when can we expect latex to be found in any shops.

Imagine finding a pair of latex leggings at H&M. They already have leather leggings and wet-look leggings. Even PVC leggings. But not latex. And I guess they won’t release a latex collection any time soon, but that doesn’t mean they never will. They tend to have collaboration with different household designers from time to time. So why wouldn’t they team up with a latex designer? It could have something to do with the tabloids misinterpretation of latex. And as a sex neutral fashion house I can somehow understand why they hesitate. H&M wants to be main stream and wants their costumers to wear anything without being labeled as a fetishist or someone into BDSM.

I took the liberty to create a fictive H&M ad featuring a pair of black latex leggings. Now would you look at her and say that she is into bondage? Is she even a fetishist?

Skjermbilde 2016-04-01 kl. 16.16.24

In a ad like this, the latex it self is stripped from all labeling and figure as a main stream fashion item with no pornographic link.

This is where the tabloids are failing. They would look at the picture and tell you about her fetish preferences in order to make you just a bit more interested in their story. Why? They want you to believe she is weird in some way, even if the person doesn’t have any fetishes at all they like to tell you that she is a outsider for wearing latex.


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