Where they all got it wrong. Part 1 of 3

It´s about time that the tabloids and newspapers learn more about the latex fashion industry. This has been highly misinterpreted for years and it´s about time they update their knowledge!

When Little Mix wears latex at stage Reveal called their outfits bondage-inspired. Where is the link between latex and bondage in modern day society? This misinterpretation only helps misleading peoples perception of latex fashion. Latex is of course a highly sexy material compared to say cotton but there is absolutely no link between latex and bondage in my opinion. Latex fashion has grown out of the underground dark society where all fetishes was mixed up in a giant bowl of kinky and freaky people and all was considered weird. The tabloids still makes this reference and it´s wrong. Just because someone wears latex doesn’t mean that they are into BDSM. It doesn’t mean that the person is weird in any way. Anyone who wants to wear latex should go ahead and do so without the tabloid poorly judgment of labeling.

The latex fashion industry has grown in a exhilarated speed the last few years with more and more designers coming up. There are shops that only sells high fashion latex clothes without any pornographic or BDSM related stuff. Just latex thats it!

Well. Latex lovers is a minority in any society. And the tabloids speaks to the large masses. So who would they listen to anyway. They want to make headlines and point their fingers. If someone wears leather pants where is the reference to BDSM? Latex should be the same. The similarities are all there. You can find both latex and leather in your local sex shop and lots of Dommes wears leather. So where is the connection and what made leather disappear as a fetish garment. The answer is the fashion industry.

Skjermbilde 2016-04-01 kl. 15.42.50Skjermbilde 2016-04-01 kl. 14.55.00

WRONG! Reveal clearly need to learn more about latex before they make such comments.


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