Sunday thoughts


Im laying in bed right now in my hotel room in Berlin. The window is open but the streets are not as busy as usual. I guess its because its Sunday. When all the shops are closed and I am still laying in bed at this hour. Its also nice to relax on Sundays. No stress and no obligations to anyone.

My little vacation in Berlin is coming to an end and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. Berlin is such a open minded city and everyone here is friendly and helpful. I needed some new latex gloves and I got thirteen pairs. That is a new record. Even for me. I still haven’t tried all of my gloves yet. Only a couple. But now I am writing to you wearing a pair of short blue gloves. They are very comfortable to wear. So I am wearing my gloves and came to think of this guy. Or boy as I like to call him. Because his manners is that of a boy who hasn’t learned proper manners yet. And he really can’t stop sending me emails about his fantasies.

Every time I look at my gmail there is at least two or three emails from the poor boy. And he doesn’t stop even if I choose to just ignore them.

He has also been really creative by creating other email accounts with different names just so that I will talk to him. But I can see right trough that. The only thing he has accomplished is that I am generally more skeptical to emails from people that I don’t know. So I am laying here and wonder what he really wants. I guess I know the answer. He wants to be punished for the lack of his poor manners. I rarely write any erotic or even remotely kinky to anyone as a rule. But I will make an exception just this once.

He sent me at least four hundred emails during the last month alone. And now its getting more serious. Thats why I will speak directly to you. Yes thats right. You know exactly who you are. Lucky for you I won’t mention any names. You really want to meet the kinky side of me don’t you.

I know you are so weak for my sexy long black latex gloves, isn’t that right little boy. Kneel in front of me when I talk to you! Thats better. You are a weak submissive little glove bitch, aren’t you! So desperate for my attention. Your Devine Latex Goddess Valentina! Now let me just put on my black latex gloves! That really turns you on doesn’t it. Seeing me putting on my latex gloves. Are you enjoying this? From the floor where you belong. You really don’t deserve this! Say it! Tell me that you don’t deserve this. My sexy Goddess-like black long and tight latex gloves are just too sexy for you! Thats why you don’t ever get to experience them in real life!

Now that I have my black latex gloves on, what exactly is it that you are hoping for? Your little erection down there obviously gives you away. You are so turned on right now.

But sadly for you I will just give you a painful lesson in stead. I will give you something that I like to call a real rubber face slapping treatment. Where I smack my sexy gloves in your face and tell you how rude you are and what poor manners you have. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Stop being so rude! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! You will treat me with respect! SMACK! SMACK! Your chin is getting red and you are blushing at the same time. What? You didn’t expect me to slap you today. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Tell me, are you enjoying my black latex gloves now? They are not so nice now, ha! Well. Now I want you to take my gloved hands. Kiss them. And beg for forgiveness. And I really hope that you will stop being rude. Stop mass sending me emails and stop your nagging bitch!

Skjermbilde 2015-03-31 kl. 07.44.15


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