Thoughts about the latex nun


Imagine a fully dresses latex nun with a long and tight gown. A white wail and black hood. Just like the nun to the left. With long black latex gloves and a pair of black killer boots. Do you see a submissive nun. Or is she dominant?

Almost any fetish model has slipped inside a nuns costume made of latex. Some more creative than others. Some even uses a gas mask under their hood to create a even more fetish look. The latex nun comes in many varieties. Some also use a latex cape for extra protection. But why is the nun so popular. Even a regular sex shop has a nun costume in some kind of shiny material. Not necessarily latex. The nun is popular no doubt. But what does the nun really represent?

Looking back at the 18th and 19th century and even before it were lots of nuns all over the world. Living under strict rules in celibacy. Would you look at them and think they were dominant?

The nuns role was that of caring and helping. Many nuns even joined the peace corps during first and second world war. They took care of injured soldiers. A nun was friendly and helpful. Someone you could trust. Any nun represented the church and its values. But where does the image of a strict nun emerge from?

When a man looks upon a nun he immediately knows she is forbidden fruit. Off limits. And no matter what he says or does to impress her it wouldn’t help. She is and will always be out of his reach.

Maybe this is just where it all began. When the church became more liberal during the years so did the nuns. But their uniform still represented that unavailable woman but also the kind one and helpful one. Not unlike a dominatrix. She would also keep much of that same image. She is unavailable for her slaves. They are there to serve her in any way she wants. But she also take care of them in the sense of that she knows her slaves boundaries and respects them. Serving a dominatrix is a slaves great pleasure.

What happens when you give a nun a pair of high heels and a uniform made of tight figure hugging black latex?

Personally I look upon a nun and see a strict lady. A lady with a cane. A lady that is out of any mans reach. And in high heels and latex she is also both sexy and tempting. Any slave would be on his knees for her. A latex nun in my eyes is maybe the ultimate dominatrix uniform because of what the uniform represents. So when I see a latex nun I see a dominant and strict lady.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-31 kl. 07.44.15


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