Dreams are free. For now 1/3

Would it be possible to create a complete latex house. Or a latex villa if you like.

I know it sounds a bit ridiculous and weird but just hear me out. A latex villa. Concrete on the outside and latex on the inside. It would be more latex decor and furniture rather than building a complete latex house but it is definitely possible. When a new house is built it is empty. Just the house with windows, doors, floors, ceiling and the roof.

A complete latex house would probably need a tonne of latex shine!

You’re supposed to keep latex out of daylight. And away from heat. Damn my latex house is falling a part. Ok so a house with no windows then. Only artificial lights. We can do that! And start by filling it with latex. I know it is totally possible to make a latex wallpaper. You could even have a patterned latex wallpaper.

Lets start with the bedroom. I know we could create a latex bedroom.

I would start with the walls in my bedroom. I would like a black shiny latex wallpaper across the entire room. And a latex bed with latex mattresses, latex sheets, latex duvets and latex pillows. And of course a latex covered floor. But from thick latex so that my high stiletto heels won’t tear up the floor. No I changed my mind. Lets keep the concrete floors. My bedroom would probably look something like this:

Skjermbilde 2016-04-16 kl. 09.35.43


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