Meet Kristin Skaardal

I am a huge fan of any type of fetish art. And I just discovered Kristin Skaardal!

I was just laying in bed while watching recent #latex tags on Instagram when I came across some very awesome drawings. Looking more closely I discovered the very talented and skillful Kristin Skaardal. A 20 year old art student from Norway. Her drawings are so amazing and she also uploads pictures of incomplete works which is really interesting to watch.

I one day hope to have a drawing of me. A fantasy latex drawing to hang on my wall.

Thats maybe a bit egocentric 😛 But why not. People hang pictures of them selfs on the wall. Why not a painting of me, dressed as a latex Goddess sitting on a throne. Nah, probably not. I could start by hanging up some truly remarkable works from Kristin on my blog. Her being an art student I wish her all the luck in the world. Because we need more artist like Kristin. Enjoy these! ❤


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