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Skjermbilde 2016-04-17 kl. 00.52.37

Katy Perry is know for her many latex outfits. Mostly colorful dresses but also some highly creative outfits. Its time we take a look at her top ten latex outfits!

Although she has way more than ten different latex outfits I found these the most interesting in a Katy Perry way. She has obviously found her style and moved away from the more standard colors. Her outfits is fun to look at and gives her a signature latex look.


Skjermbilde 2016-04-17 kl. 12.44.53

Of all the latex outfits on my list, this comes out last. Don’t get me wrong, latex is latex, but the silver color is a bit anonymous and could be mistaken for silk. The colorful spots on the dress makes it a bit more interesting but its Katy Perry and its latex. What more could we wish for?



Skjermbilde 2016-04-17 kl. 12.50.00

This outfit is more colorful and the print of a gum ball machine makes it one of a kind. Never have ever I seen this dress elsewhere. This type of latex dress has become a signature look for Katy and I wonder just how many different ones she has got now.



Skjermbilde 2016-04-17 kl. 12.55.12

Besides her many dresses its great to see Katy Perry in latex underwear. The set is colorful tight and even sexy. She also wears a pair of killer heels which only makes this outfit even better.



Skjermbilde 2016-04-17 kl. 12.59.23

This isn’t the only flag dress she has, but combining United States, Great Britain and even Norway makes it a cool dress. Its a slightly different dress than the usual with the straps but how cool would it look with long sleeves!



Skjermbilde 2016-04-17 kl. 13.03.01

I don’t think the creator of this dress could make it any cuter than this. The turquoise color with the pink ice-cream gives this dress a over dose of cuteness. I love the colors and the dress makes me happy to look at!



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