Dreams are free. For now 2/3

Now that my bedroom is filled with latex I figure I also would need a walk-in-closet with all my latex clothes. I would also need a very own room inside the closet reserved only for my latex gloves. 

I figure I also need something really kinky. And something I have wanted for years! And I want it to be next to my latex room. A complete and kinky rubber clinic! It only has to be one room and I want it to be about the size of my bedroom. In the center of the room I would have a hospital bed. Not the regular kind but the kind for strapping down patients. I would love to cover the walls with a forest green latex wallpaper. And concrete floors. I would also need a walk-in-closet for all my latex nurse uniforms. And lots of white and natural latex gloves! Even boxes of surgical latex gloves.

I have a latex bedroom and my very own kinky rubber clinic. Now I need a kitchen. And the kitchen is one of the most important places in my latex dream house.

The kitchen is really important to me. Because I love to cook and I am obsessed with cleaning. Sometimes. I would have to get hardened floors. The kind that really make my high stiletto heels click and clack when Im walking around in my kitchen! And I want my kitchen to be shiny black! Like the kitchen in this picture. I would also need about one hundred pairs of rubber gloves. All long, tight and size small. I also need a small walk-in-closet for all my latex aprons. Just a small one. And about twenty latex aprons in different colors and lengths. It looks like this house is going to be expensive I guess. But dreams are free aren’t they?



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