Dreams are free. For now 3/3

I still need a living room, hallway and a bathroom in my fantasy latex house. I think the living room is a important place. Its a social place for gatherings and cosy evenings.

My living room need to be as cosy as I can make it. And I want it to shine and smell of latex. As probably the whole house would. I would decor the living room with black wooden floors and some shiny latex carpets. Latex wallpaper and some nice big framed pictures of latex and fetish drawings on the wall. I need a big tv on the wall and some disguised speakers. I also want inflatable couches like the pictures below with inflatable latex pillows and latex blankets. I also need a black glossy table.

Skjermbilde 2016-04-19 kl. 16.49.49 Skjermbilde 2016-04-19 kl. 16.49.59

The hallway is the entrance to my fantasy latex house and that also need to shine as much as possible. I could go for a creme color latex wallpaper and big black glossy tiles on the floors.

I also need a large wardrobe for all my latex outerwear such as my latex coats and capes and all my latex mackintoshes. I also need a black latex umbrella, my huge collection of rubber boots and riding boots. I would also need a shoe closet for all my high heels and stiletto boots. What I can’t make out of latex in this house would use the most shiny alternative material, such as plastic, PVC, glossy tiles and shiny plates.

So could I see my self living in this imaginative latex house? Definitely!

This would be my absolute dream house. With latex all over the place. And where its not latex it definitely shines. This place would have the most intense smell of latex which I love so much. There would be a fetish clinic, walk-in-closets filled with latex, gloves and shoes. A latex bed, latex pillows and latex blankets. Even latex wallpaper! I would love to live her! The only downside is also a major one. Not to mention the costs of building and decorating this house it would also gather enormous amounts of dust. I would have to clean it all the time. But besides that this is my ultimate dream house and my dream does not contain any dust at all. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my fantasy home. Maybe I´ll get back to this project later. With love from Valentina ❤


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