History of latex 1/5

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Its easy to say that latex fetishism emerged after the years right after the second world war. I am not going to tell you why it started because there is really no right answer to that question. But I will look at the history of latex fetishism from the early point where I believe it emerged and right up to the present.

Bizarre magazine played a major role in the early fetish community. Especially in the United states where editor John Willie created his Bizarre magazine. I will not talk about the actual history but rather my personal take on the latex fetish journey. Anyway we have to look at the world after the second world war to understand this sudden emerge. Of course we can go further back to the 20s and the rubber rainwear but I think 40s is the more appropriate time.

To understand the emerge we have to look at what was going on in the late 40s and the industrial development and use of rubber materials.

The so called modern gas mask was made during the 30s and perfected in the 40s during the war. Although gas mask was also used during the first world war. But the new and modern development was made of rubber and offered protection for people of all ages. Even small children. They were told to wear the rubber gas mask for protection and so they did. During the 40s they also developed rubber and rubberized mackintoshes for protection agains bad weather. So both the gas mask and the rubber rainwear offered great protection. Remember that this is only my personal thoughts.

During the 40s more and more rubber was introduced to the people. From rubber gloves, rainwear, underwear for body shape, rubber boots and even diapers. Rubber was the new elastic and yet strong protective material.

During the 40s we saw a great development of the rubber mackintoshes. And England was the center of it all. Lots of manufacturers competed in creating modern and fashionable rubber macs and even capes. They also created macs that would enhance the female figure. With tight belt they got a hourglass rubbery figure. Was this considered sexy? I believe so! So you now have a sexy mac made of rubber for protection.

Rubber clad females with sexy figures. The scene was set for the rubber fetishism to emerge. Magazines like Bizarre was created during 1946 which introduced BDSM and soft fetishism. Feet, spanking and caning.

People have probably had fantasies of being tied up for decades. But those thoughts stayed in the bedroom between those involved. When the magazines came out they could finally read about stories written by likeminded people. Some pictures but a great deal of fetish drawings also emerged. It was the very beginning of the worldwide fetish community. Personally I thank the 40s for introducing the rubber gas mask and the rubber rainwear. Two items who would play a major role in the future where rubber was ready to make it big. The 50s introduced even more items such as the latex hood and latex underwear!

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