History of latex 2/5


Looking at latex during the 1950s is a close resemblance to the 40s. Except the female figure now has a more hourglass shape and has become somewhat more strict!

Its true. I could easily have done the 40s and 50s in one post. But there is especially one area of development that happened during the 50s and that is the rubber rainwear. It really boosted! Magazines also focused on BDSM, strict ladies emerged and also latex clothes.

The 50s was the golden era of shiny and glossy rubber rainwear. Every woman had either a plastic raincoat or even better. A raincoat made out of rubber. As a huge rainwear lover my self I owe it all to the decade that brought us Rock and Roll and rubber macs!

Rubber rainwear played a major role in the development of latex fetish. During the 50s the streets sworn of rubber clad ladies and the guys who loved them. But sadly this fetish was a taboo. Someone would have told you to go see a therapist for telling them about your rubber fantasies and I could only imagine how many people who never told anyone about their rubber fetish. And telling your partner in the 50s that you love rubber. Come on. Not easy!

Another big thing happening in the 50s is. Yes! Latex! The material transformed into underwear, catsuits and even hoods!

Latex was also really taboo, but non the less it emerged into the rubber scene as a alternative to the rubber rainwear. Latex was thinner and thus more options for the manufacturers. Catsuits, underwear and hoods was all part of a happy latex life. Its not easy to find pictures of latex clad people from this era, believe me I have tried. Some of the pictures are not dated so I have to look at the hairstyle, latex style and environment to determine a date. But here is pictures I believe is from the 50s latex and rubber scene.

A fun fact! Richwear, later known as Sealwear started started in 1959!

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