History of latex 3/5


Major things happened to the world during the 60s and 70s! Free love, sex and drugs. Youth uprising and riots. Fight for equal rights and the birth of modern latex fetishism.

The fashion industry made it big in the 60s introducing styles that are around even today. Latex also made it big during this period with magazines such as Atomage, Rubberist and Dressing for pleasure. These magazines focused on latex and rubber only. Things also happened to boots and high heels and sexy shoe wear became essential to any latex outfits. Dominatrixes emerged from all over the world and whole latex communities was created. Latex is still taboo during the 60s and 70s but its path is carved.

Atomage, Rubberist and Dressing for pleasure emerged and fueled the latex community with pictures of latex clad people, high heels and even more heavy rubber.

Today these magazines have a cult status amongst latex lovers. They were printed in limited copies but some of them exists even today and are often found on eBay for sale. I personally would love to have a copy of these magazines because it documents what I personally like to think of as the birth of modern latex.

The period up to the 80s was also a golden period for the latex community and rubber lovers all over the world. As more magazines, fetish films and fetish nightclub emerged. Especially in Germany and in the Us.

Yes we owe a lot to the brave and imaginative people of the 60s and 70s for creating the fundament for latex as we know it today. Photographers, Art directors and fetishists alike! They all gave their best to make latex and rubber clothing more acceptable but also bring enlightenment about this amazing culture of dressing up in shiny sexy latex. Still it would go decades before latex was ready to make it to the red carpets, movies and on the stages.

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One thought on “History of latex 3/5

  1. Thanks for this historic perspective, Valentina.
    I really love these old pictures. It seems like the models actually enjoy their fetish wear.
    Despite the gloss and erotic appeal in today’s pictures, this joy and spontaneity is something that i miss sometimes. (imo, or am i just getting old 😉 )

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