History of latex 5/5


This is the final post of the journey of latex fetishism. I also change it from latex fetish to latex fashion because the extensive use of latex as a fashion statement. This is latex in the 21st century!

I am a huge fan of all the Matrix movies, and especially the final and third one where Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and Seraph enters a latex nightclub. I remember watching the movie and it was also around the time I was getting more interested in latex. So seeing all those latex clad people was great! Otherwise a fantastic scene and all the latex made it better. During the 2000s latex was used more and more in films. Who could forget the lovely Malin Akerman wearing the iconic black and yellow latex costume in Watchmen. Its great to see how well latex is doing on the screen.

Besides films latex also made its way to the red carpets during this period. And i believe it all started with Lady Gaga.

You could disagree with me here so remember that this is only my personal opinion that Im sharing with you. And my personal opinion is that Lady Gaga was the one that made latex go in two separate directions. You have the latex fetishists but now you also have the latex fashionistas. Lady Gaga was wearing latex as an extent of her somewhat different fashion style. Latex skirts, latex dresses, latex gloves, latex leggings and even latex trench coats. Lady Gaga was seen wearing them all. She opened a lot of doors and became the number one ambassador for latex clothes in the world. I am happy that she did it and since she have stepped down we have seen a whole lot of other superstars wearing our beloved material. The use of latex as a fashion item has resulted in a rapid expansion of latex designers which again have resulted in a lot more different latex clothes than ever before.

Social media also played a major role when Facebook, twitter and sites like Fetlife came around.

Internet is great. Whats even better is social media! We could finally connect with other latex fetishists like never before. We share our thoughts, share our experiences and publish our own pictures. We comment, discuss and expand our social aspect. All big and important improvements. There is also annual latex parties and gatherings such as the German fetish ball and Montreal fetish weekend.

Still latex is latex and for me its more than just a fashionable material.

I consider my self of being a natural born latex fetishist. Latex is a special part of my life and I cherish my discovery every day. I am fortunate to have the ability to share my thoughts on this blog and I am happy that you read them. Latex is a wonderful thing and it is something that no one can take away from me. I might change political views, music taste, my hair style, my friends may come and go but latex will always be here with me. I hope you have enjoyed this journey of latex. With love from Valentina.

Here is some memorable latex moments during the 21st century:

14 15 16 17 18 19 20


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