Review : black latex gloves

I just got a new pair of black latex gloves from Polymorphe. Truly one of the best pair of latex gloves I have ever had!

These latex gloves is made of 0.4mm thick high quality latex and believe me the quality is fantastic! The gloves is 60cm long and fits my hands and wrists perfectly. The gloves makes a high pitched squeaky sound when I rub my hands together. The gloves also are a bit thinner at the top of the gloves. Such wonderful pair and perhaps the best gloves I have tried. I used them for the first time in a clip yesterday and here are some pictures. Ciao!

Skjermbilde 2016-05-02 kl. 11.50.01 Skjermbilde 2016-05-02 kl. 11.51.22 Skjermbilde 2016-05-02 kl. 11.51.55 Skjermbilde 2016-05-02 kl. 11.52.18 Skjermbilde 2016-05-02 kl. 11.52.52 Skjermbilde 2016-05-02 kl. 11.53.51 Skjermbilde 2016-05-02 kl. 11.54.33

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