Obey the cat! 1/2


Black tight and figure hugging latex catsuit, a pair of killer high heels, heavy makeup, red lipstick and a bull whip.. Easiest way to destroy any man.

Really. Who could resist such a manipulative and yet sexy latex clad cat? All men should bow down and obey the cat! I mean this costume is irresistible. Absolutely irresistible. Every mans fantasy I bet! Imagine what you could accomplish wearing this! And if you are a guy. Imagine how weak you would get seeing your girlfriend dressed like this.

Sadly I have only got one pair of latex catsuit. And that comes with inflatable mega tits! Not anyones cup of tea I know. But for me the mega tits represent female power. Its as simple as that.

I have never considered any plastic surgery at all. Im satisfied with my own body. Especially my breasts. There I said it! But yes, I like them and would not change anything about them. A pair of inflatable mega tits is also ridiculous in both size and shape. No breasts look like that and point upwards! Come on. But they represent the very idea of female supremacy and I have gotten a lot of nice feedback, mostly guys and they have only nice things to say about it. Its a rare fetish I guess but for those who appreciate them it really is heaven on earth. Ok, enough about the inflatable tits! Back to the cat!

I would love a plain latex catsuit with the same stitches as the real Catwoman from Batman returns. But where to get it?

I could just get a regular catsuit I guess. And find a hood with cat ears from Rubber55. I know they have that kind of hoods. And heels, a whip and ad some heavy make up and that would do the trick. I wouldn’t get the authentic look but who really cares. Its a latex clad Catwoman. On top of that I am manipulative, have a intelligent strong mind, a bit sadistic and with a strong will.

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