Where it all started 1/3

I get a lot of questions about where my latex fetish comes from. And I will try to explain a couple of my influences. One of my biggest influences was a site called rubbertits.net

City girl they used to call me at school. And I didn’t mind it at all. I have always loved jewelry. Heavy make-up. Tight figure hugging clothes but in a proper way. Like a secretary in high heels. I have always been like that. I emphasize my femininity. Bags, purses, make-up, high heels, leather and accessories. There is probably a girl like me in every classroom and office. The girl no other girl really likes because they feel threatened or something. In my previous job the dress code was proper. I usually high waist and knee long skirts. Very often in leather. I probably have like ten long leather skirts. And I always used nylon stockings, high heels and a blouse of some sort. Like many other offices we also had casual Fridays. I was wearing either a pair of tight jeans but also a pair of real leather leggings.

So I met a guy who gave me all the right compliments. He was kind, sweet and helpful at work. I would eventually get to know all his secrets too.

Yes, I met my x-boyfriend at work but I don’t want to give out too many details about that part. Maybe later. But for now I want to talk about what drove me into the world latex. My feelings about shiny materials and such have always been dormant and my x-boyfriend finally told me about his fantasies and desires. He introduced me to a site called rubbertits. I was mesmerized by the shiny and glossy materials. I never thought about latex like this before. He bought me a little black latex dress and a pair of long black latex gloves. I still remember the excitement when I looked at my self in the mirror that evening.

Rubbertits.net introduced me to the world of latex. Domination. Gloves. Costumes. Corsets and more.

Rubbertits produced so many great photos, and still does. But I believe their golden era is over. And thats sad because they had something really special going on and some of the outfits were so amazing. I still have all their old pictures and even clips. My x-boyfriend was so into their outfits as well and bought me both catsuits, hoods, corsets, boots. I experimented with layers of latex like stockings and underwear over my catsuit and stuff like that. Really kinky and also so erotic! Sadly I don’t have any pictures of my self from that period because we kept this part of our life a secret but I have some pictures of Avengelique, a model I truly admired from Rubbertits. Here is a couple of her photos I find really erotic and sensual.

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