Where it all started 2/3

Domination and controll. Nurses and nuns. Pleaser boots and stiletto heels. Inflatable torpedo tits. I got to explore so much during my mid 20s.

My ex-boyfriend bought me a black latex catsuit with inflatable rubber tits. And huge ones also! At first they were a bit uncomfortable to wear due to their massive size. It was like they pushed my real breasts inwards. But after wearing the catsuit for some time I got used to it. And with it came total control over another human being. Namely my ex boyfriend. He became like my little pet dog when he saw me in my new catsuit. He became a whole other person. These massive latex boobs was his absolute biggest fetish, fantasy and desire. He told me that he never expected to ever experience being with a girl like me, wearing latex and indulge in his fetish. But his fetish became equally my own fetish. I developed a taste for my new latex catsuit and all the fun things I could do with my massive rubber tits.

Latex became a part of who I was. It defined me as a person. But our relationship didn’t last.

We shared latex together. And my latex wardrobe grew bigger as time went by. I had catsuits, corsets, dresses, hoods, gloves and stockings. And even more. We had our fun of course but building a relationship entirely on just one mutual interest is a bit difficult and eventually we ended our relationship. Sadly for me he got away with most of the latex. Some really nice outfits I wish I had today. Of course he was the one who bought all of it so I agreed to that. No hard feelings. The most important thing I got to keep was something my ex-boyfriend could never take away from me, and that was MY LATEX FETISH.

I started experimenting with my very own clips. Mostly clips containing my latex gloves.

Some time after the break up I started a blog and a YouTube channel. As I said the content was very poorly done but some of you who has followed me since the beginning might remember some of my early glove clips. They are really rare. In fact even I don’t have any of my first clips. I even used another name than Valentina. And the response was, I wouldn’t say great, but still positive. Still it would go more than a year before I created Latex Valentina. Here are some more pics from Rubbertits.biz. This time its the lovely DarkWing-Zero who is the model.

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