Meet : Luka

Sometimes I come across some remarkable fetish individuals. Luka is definitely one of them and she agreed to answer a couple of my questions.

Looking at her pictures really makes me cherish her creativity and she has a remarkable way of standing out amongst thousands of other people within the fetish community.

I was curious about her so I wanted to ask her a couple of questions. I started by asking her about her interest of balloons, and where it came from.

A long story that I’ll try to keep short. I remember being attracted and scared by balloons since childhood. For example, I remember that specific smell of the balloons you get as a prize and that was hanging in my bedroom when I was little or that specific balloon which was popped in my face by my cousin. Balloon fetish is like this for many people a mix of love and fear. That love/fear thingie turned “sexual” when I reached puberty. I have been into balloons since that time.


I also wanted to know about her favorite kind of balloon, if she has a favorite and what she enjoys about balloons.

I think it’s the way they tingle all my five senses at the same time: Balloon colors and their transparency, reflections and shape is always beautiful. Balloons are soft, bouncy and nice to caress. Balloons make awesome noises when rubbing or a good dose of adrenaline when they pop. Balloons are made of natural latex which tastes pretty nice when inflating or chewing the nozzle. Balloons smell good when new or completely oxidized after a few days.


She is not only into balloons and luckily for us she also shares our passion for latex. I wanted to know about her favorite latex outfit and what it is.

Difficult question. Usually the last one I bought because it has the taste of new and unworn. So the camo suit from Rubear is maybe my current favorite. Of course, the custom Luka Latex outfit made by LatexCatfish is the official costume for my character so…


I saved the perhaps most obvious question for last. Her headpiece. I must admit that I dont know anything about it or what its called other than the fact that it looks absolutely amazing.

The headpiece is a Kigurumi mask. It’s a hobby which comes from Japan and which aims to push cosplay a little further by making you 100% anime girl like. The specific mask is made by an artist living in Australia. Her name is Wyu Ri. The character I cosplay as is Megurine Luka, a japanese singing software mascot. I have had this mask since 2013 and I attend a lot of anime conventions with it around the world. But, I also love to attend fetish parties with it. Latex and Kigurumi mix really well.


I want to end this little interview by saying that Im glad that people like Luka is around. Its inspiring to see that people like her truly cherish their kinks and fetishes. Reading her answers also gave me new knowledge. Maybe I will get a Kigurumi mask my self one day. And she is right, Kigurumi and latex are a match made in heaven.


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