Rubber clinic 1/5

Hi my dear kinky readers! Hope you are enjoying the weekend wherever you are in the world. Where I am its still early in the morning and Im going trough my mail and messages. Got some questions about my rubber clinic project that I though I would share with you.

The bed. I get a lot of questions about the bed I am going to use. I looked at many beds that would fit in my clinic and some of them was waay to expensive. Im talking $28.000 kinda expensive. So I looked instead for massage tables. Some of them have that clinical look I suppose and thats really all I need.

This was just one of many tables I found at eBay.

This table has the right look. I also like that its leather and the armrests makes it possible to tie up the patients arms. At $279 this is probably the best alternative for a table that would fit my clinic. You can find the table here. What do you think?

11 12 13


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