Katy Perry and Covergirl

I finally found some more pictures from Katy Perry´s shoot for Covergirl.

Its great to see her use latex for every commercial of her new lip sticks. And it looks like all these outfits are carefully chosen to match each lipstick. I will see if I can find the actual footage of the commercial and post it here. For now, enjoy!

KatyKatMatte_002 KatyKatMatte_003 KatyKatMatte_004 KatyKatMatte_006 KatyKatMatte_007 KatyKatMatte_008 KatyKatMatteB001 KatyKatMatteB004 KatyKatMatteB005 KatyKatMatteB015 KatyKatMatteB019 KatyKatMatteB021 MadLoveBehind MadLoveBehind2 Pumps_Up_2015_002


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