Polymorphe latex fashion

For the first post about latex fashion I thought we should start out with Polymorphe. I just love their designs and their latex fashion is something that I just don’t see elsewhere.

My first pick from Polymorphe is the Perfecto jacket. Which is pretty perfect if you ask me. Looks like a bit heavier latex and the zipper detail is just awesome. You could wear this together with your normal leggings, skirt or even jeans. I know I would! Although this comes in different colors I actually like this one.

1 2 3

My next pick is the School girl dress. This dress is so sweet I could almost taste the sugar! And the color is amazing. I love that deep purple eye catching color. Also comes in all possible colors but I imagine a pink version of this is a bit over the top, but thats just me.

4 5

My final pick is the Kimono dress. This dress is so cool. Actually found it under their cosplay category. I must admit that this is perhaps not a ideal thing to wear outside, contrary to the jacket. But wearing home or in the bedroom, sure!

8 9


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