Rubber rainwear

As some of you might now I am a huge lover of rubber rainwear. Capes and mackintoshes is just something that just speaks directly in to my soul. The classic look from the 50s and 60 when SBR macintoshes and even capes was a normal sight, especially in Uk and Europe. One theory of mine is that our current culture of social media, music videos, news and television is not exposed to it sufficient enough for it to grow, instead its dying.

I on the other hand is enjoying this fetish and it is growing. Thats why I have just ordered a mackintosh from Weathervain. A double breasted and figure hugging classic mac made from heavyweight black latex. I am expecting it to arrive in 1-2 weeks. In addition to this I am looking for a black latex cape to wear over my mac. I would certainly do anything in my power to expose you all for this wonderful fetish. I have added some of my favorite pictures of gorgeous macs in both latex and SBR. I hope you enjoy!

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