Orange latex gloves

Hello my dear kinky readers. I recently posted a couple of pictures of my new orange latex gloves but as I said in the description I couldn’t really capture the amazing shine with my camera. Looking at the pictures it also was a bit more pale orange than they should be. Anyway I made a custom clip for a dear glove boy yesterday and looking at the result I managed to capture both the bright orange color and the right amount of shine, as close as I get because these beauties do shine! Just to be clear these gloves are not rubber gloves, they are fetish latex gloves and I haven’t used any kind of lube. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Orange latex gloves

  1. I find your video super well-hung big plan you doing with your camera man on his gloves in orange latex to pass go so well on your hands Valentina.

    all that you wear latex is only sublimate you.

    good work.

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