Valentina and the gloves

I was going trough all my gloves the other day. Because storing my gloves has become quite the challenge lately. Just the share amount of gloves I have is ridiculous. And you wouldn’t believe all the places that I keep my gloves. I have gloves everywhere. So I wanted to do a glove count and maybe try to organize them a bit better. I started emptying the boxes on my bed, got the gloves under my sink, got the gloves from my closet, the gloves from my bathroom and even the gloves from my night stand. I regret not taking a photo of the big pile of rubber and latex gloves on my bed. It literary covered my entire bed!

This might sound like bragging but I now have 171 pairs of gloves. Plus 4 gloves without a matching glove. Where these 4 gloves are is a mystery. But anyway 171 pairs of latex and rubber gloves. In absolutely all colors, shapes, length and thickness. You might remember this picture from a while ago, thats just one of my bags of gloves.


The bag contained mostly rubber gloves. Most of them are rare and difficult to find. I have worked hard to obtain some of the most rare gloves on the planet. Sounds a bit stupid when I say it like that but I have gone trough years of searching. When I see a pair of gloves that I like somewhere, on television, in a movie or in another fetish clip, I do what ever I can to get them for my self. I saw a clip once with a girl wearing a pair of glossy rubber gloves. I spent hours of searching, translating search phrases into Japanese and eventually found a seller from Tokyo. And when they finally arrived it gave me such a rush. Wearing them was exactly like I imagined. Its the same for all my other rubber gloves. Whether Im on holiday in a different country or just visiting a near by town I always check the grocery store for rubber gloves. Sometimes I find a pair that I don’t have in my collection and sometimes the gloves are just crap. But still the need is there to check out every store!


I took this picture in Berlin after I had ravished trough all possible fetish shops there. I got 13 pairs of latex gloves in just two days. When I say it like that I sounds a bit ridiculous. But it was actually the most successful glove shopping I have ever done. Together with these gloves came a tremendous rush. Back at the hotel room, probably minutes after taking this picture, I tried them on. I tried all of them. Listening to the squeaky sound, played with them, smelled them and even tasted them. Nothing tastes better than a brand new pair of latex gloves. As I said, the excitement gave me a serious rush. Like…I am an addict. A glove junkie. I still think about that night and all the pleasures these gloves gave me.

2 1

And now. These amazing orange latex gloves. I cannot describe to you how amazing these gloves really are. They are just incredible. Its so hard finding orange latex gloves but finally I have them around my hands. The share sight gives me tickles. A tickling feeling down my spine. Its like they fuel my glove addicted brain. These gloves are truly special but I am already looking for that special next pair of gloves. There is still colors that I don’t have…believe that?

I guess glove fetishism is more like a innocent thing. But for me it has grown into more than that. It has taken its toll over the years. I don’t think that I have said this before but I spend maybe 2-3 hours every day on my latex gloves. Sometimes I organize them like I just did. Sometimes I wear them around my home, doing dishes, cleaning and laundry. And sometimes I just put on a pair of tight latex gloves to watch a good horror movie. And the gloves under my pillow and in my night stand drawer… well, I´ll save that for later.

Thanks for listening. Kisses from Valentina


3 thoughts on “Valentina and the gloves

  1. large collection of gloves you that Valentine should be fun to wear different pairs of gloves depending on the stain of the day or are simply fun.

    give you really want to have the same collection you.

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