Luxury problem

Hello my dear kinky readers. Whats up? Im actually at my cabin now. Yesterday was such a hot day with no clouds in sight, just the clear blue sky as far as I could see. I wondered if this summer was ever going to end. Today its cloudy and its raining. And I am not out of bed yet. Cabin is in the middle of nowhere. Really! And Im really glad that I have internet connection here. Otherwise I couldn’t be talking to you. The topic says Luxury problem. And I have one. Its actually not as much of a problem as it is a situation really. I find my self in a situation where I dont know what latex outfit to buy next.

I have just completed my rubber rainwear project. I also completed my jade green nurse uniform. Although I dont have them yet they are been made and shipped soon.

So now I need a new project. I always have at least one project. But now I have none. Because I can’t decide. I guess the choice is between a rubber nun outfit or a rubber maids outfit. They are both fetish classics. But then again I have more feelings towards rubber rainwear and nurse uniforms. My next project could be a different nurse uniform maybe. A red and white one. Thats the situation Im in now. What to buy next?

Looking at the latex nuns it really is tempting. And it would be a lot of fun creating a perfect nun uniform. I know that I a lot of nuns helped out during the 1. world war. A combination between a nurse and a nun. Sounds exactly like something I would love to make. But what is a uniform like that called. A nun nurse?

I imagine a black long dress, with nun veil and cowl. Together with a white apron and a red cross. That would be something unique and different. I could even wear my latex cape.

It would be fun and it would be special. I think I would start by looking at black dresses. And build a nuns uniform from scratch. I actually dont like the ready-to-wear nun uniform. They are more sexy tight and a bit to short. I want lots of latex. With loose arms and long swaying skirts. Figure hugging of course but more a victorian style. After the nun is completed I would get all the necessary nurse gear. Like apron, armband nurse hat and maybe a stethoscope.

This picture right here is the close as I get what I call a perfect latex nun uniform. Its classic, not too tight, has a cowl and vail. Loose arms and tight gloves and the belt create a feminine figure. I would create something like this.12


So. Maybe I dont have a luxury problem after all. It seems like a nun nurse is the only solution. Creating this would be a challenge. It would also take time and effort and thats what I love about latex. The possibilities is endless and there is no limits.

A victorian latex nun-nurse it is.

Kisses from Valentina



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