The wait

You might know the feeling. You’re checking tracking numbers. Checking your mailbox. Waiting for latex is a battle. And I’m about to loose. I’m currently waiting for a mackintosh, cape, nurse dress, a regular dress, a hood, gloves, skirts and several boots. Had it just been a pair of latex leggings then it would be fine. Thats something I already have. But I have been looking for that perfect latex mackintosh for so long and I’m imagining how it looks, feels, smells and tastes. I want to try it in front of the mirror. Trying it with different outfits. And then there is the cape. Oh god I can’t wait to try that either. But thats two different orders so the cape will arrive later. Then there is another skirt from Atsuko Kudo. Just a normal pencil skirt but then again, its AK! I’m also waiting for two pairs of boots from Giaro. And of course I’m expecting a huge glove pack with lots of new latex gloves. So it’s safe to say that this is a exiting time for me and I’m dying to show you!



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