Thoughts from Valentina

As I reach my visiter number 100.000 I would like to thank all of you and reflect on where the blog is. I started with nothing in march 2015 and have enjoyed every single day.

I realized that there wasn’t any blogs that focused on latex and latex fetishism

When I started this blog it looked a lot different. Getting some content can be difficult especially in the beginning. Latex is not mainstream like other materials like leather but the development has been significant. All these celebrities kept popping up wearing gorgeous latex and I thought why not gather it all somewhere.

At the beginning the traffic was horrible. I was actually about to give up

I kept posting and posting but nothing ever really happened. Its not easy starting a blog from nothing and I actually had trouble finding the motivation for continuing. I actually gave up for a period thinking.. ok, so thats it then but then something happened about a year ago. My keywords was showing up at various search engines and really helped the traffic a lot.

A latex blog is probably as narrowly as you get

Writing about my passion for latex usually get more attention than if I just do a story about a celebrity wearing latex. It was the personal experiences that my readers seemed to enjoy so I started posting my own fetish thoughts.

Latex lovers from all over the word are finding their way


This is the map over this years traffic. Kinky people from United states, Germany, Britain, Skandinavia are more frequent but the truth is that I have hits from all over the world.

The traffic is really boosting lately and I am truly thankful


These candlesticks represent the monthly traffic. September is looking to break 20.000 visitors by the end of the month. Maybe even more. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to all of you, my dear readers. I could not have done this without you and your feedback has been such motivation.

So thanks again… I couldn’t have done this without you.

Kisses from Valentina


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