Thoughts from Valentina

Hi my dear kinky readers. Its late and I cannot sleep. I have a thousand thoughts floating around inside my head and on top of that I have a irritating song in there also. Just keep going on repeat. Sometimes its really comforting having you guys. Although this isn’t the most exiting post I know that. I watched se7en this evening, such a good movie. I dont know if you remember when they enter John Does apartment and find all his books. Just his random thoughts written without meaning, page up and page down. And he has thousands of books there too. Im not a big fan of rambling thoughts but anything to clear my head that would be nice. I want my latex bed sheets. Cant even begin to imagine how amazing it would be to sleep while tucked in layers of wonderful rubber. Maybe thats the solution to my insomnia. Ok, I actually dont have insomnia but sometimes I do have a hard time sleeping. Im just not tired at all, after being awake the whole day. I hate looking at the digital clock at my nightstand. That thing is irritating. Ok if I go to sleep now I get at least 5 hours of sleep. Ok 4 hours isn’t so bad. Looking at it again.. Ok so 3 hours sleep. Have you ever had that feeling? I hate clocks in general. They only reminds me of the time, which I barely have any of. So without boring you too much I got a new pair of boots. Worn them out yesterday and the guys couldn’t stop starring. I will show them to you in the morning and you will know what Im talking about.

Btw, I included a picture of Sophia Thomalla wearing her nude latex dress from Atsuko Kudo. For those of you who have RTL you can watch her tomorrow, Friday.


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