The power of boots

I just got these boots from Giaro. And I actually worn them to a party the other night and at a local bar. Let me tell you something. I come from a small town and no one really wear these kind of boots. My friends are used to seeing me wearing these kind of heels but I still get lots of attention. There is something powerful about boots. The sexier the boots the more power they seem to have. I have mastered the walk in high heels a long time ago and thats important when you wear boots like these. A friend of mine wanted to try my boots at the party but she couldn’t really walk in heels like that.

Anyway. As I said the attention is sometimes a little overwhelming. I dont wear boots like this because I want attention. I wear them simply because I feel sexy, confident and boys seems to lower their self esteem around me and thats sometimes fun. Its fun that a simple footwear can change a boys behavior.

I have listed boot fetish as one of my many kinks. I think sexy boots are very erotic and sensual. It provides a huge amount of femininity and gives me a certain sexy sashay walk. At least thats what I feel when wearing boots like these.

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