Valentina knows 1/3

Indulge your fetish. Thats always been my motto. And today I want to talk about latex fetish and relationships. Doing this for awhile I have learned that a lot og guys are asking them selves “How do I find a latex girl?” and most live by the reality that “all latex girls are taken”. Looking at pictures of latex couples makes you tell your self “I wish that was me” and “He is the most lucky guy in the universe”. Well Im here to tell you to get your self together and do something about it. This is your moment! Isn’t it?

Anyone who tells you to get rid of your fetish are… wrong!

I see a lot of girls asking online magazines, online doctors and psychologists about fetishes. They say stuff like “My boyfriend told me about his latex fetish, what should I do” although there is nothing wrong with the question the answer giving is just plain and simple stupid. Counseling is the number one solution it seems and if that isn’t enough you should also tell your boyfriend that you dont mind his fetish but you dont want to be a part of it. So you told your girlfriend about your latex fetish and the answer you got back was like a hit in the face.

Latex isn’t for everyone. But

For some of you latex is a part of who you are, right? And its a part of your identity and even your personality. It what makes you… you! And you are aware of it and know your limits. I will tell you something and it might sounds a bit cruel, but get rid of that vanilla. Because you are not made to be in a vanilla relationship. Im sorry to say this but its true. And why exactly should you envy all the other guys who shares their passion with their partners. If you are not willing to bet then I guess you are not ready to win either.

But how am I supposed to find a girl who would share my fetish?

That is more complicated, but far from impossible. In fact I bet its much easier than you think. First of all you can do a lot of research on this subject. But first let me just get one thing straight. Dont expect to find a girl who has her wardrobe filled with latex, pleaser boots and whips. That is very unlikely. What you wanna do is looking find a girl who is more likely to share your fetish with you in the future.

Latex fetish is like a seed. Plant it, nurture it and it will grow.

We have to look at latex and its features. I can only use my self as a reference but to me latex is femininity. That was the first thing I though. Looking at my self in the mirror and the way the latex hugs my body and emphasizes on my curves. Latex is also very erotic and sexy and it takes a bold soul to wear it in front of your partner. At least for the very first time.

End of part I

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