ANTM latex episode

Here is a link to the episode that contains lots and lots of latex! I have just watched the entire episode and the latex starts at 27 minutes. I dont want to spoil anything so my advice is to watch it and just enjoy, have a few laughs and be amazed.


Here is a list of their latex clothes and where its from.

Max Black dress –

Max Black dress –

Khalo top from Love Twain –
Max Black skirt –

Frances Hendrie top –
Rubber Republik shorts and gloves –
Kookai shoes –
Natalie Chapman choker –

Rubber Republik bodysuit –
Khalo skirt from Love Twain –
Kookai shoes –

Rubber Republik bodysuit –
Something Wicked leather bra from Porte-à-Vie –

Rubber Republik cape and bodysuit –
Kookai shoes –

Rubber Republik dress and gloves –
Boohoo shoes –

Max Black dress –
Boohoo shoes –

Casey Tanswell top –
Gooseberry Intimates bra from Porte-à-Vie –
Rubber Republik skirt –
Kookai shoes –
Natalie Chapman choker –

Rubber Republik bra and leggings –
Kacey Devlin top –
Kookai shoes –
Natalie Chapman choker –

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