The vanilla files

Most latex lovers are subjected to latex or rubber at some point in their childhood. Everything from a sisters swim cap to moms rubber gloves. And the same goes for all other fetishes also. Either boots is your thing, fur is your thing or maybe you have a long nail fetish. And the other thing I have learned is that guys are the driven force of most fetishes. Like my self, although I say I am a natural born latex lover I didn’t discover it until my late teens and early 20s. Once I did I felt like it was the missing piece of my life. If we all are subjected to a material thing in out childhood, what about those without any fetishes?

I once called a guy vanilla. I shouldn’t have done that. He got really upset.

From my experience I have learned that vanilla people, for the lack of a better word, dont actually like being called .. well, vanilla. Its like they won’t admit that they dont have any preferences when it comes to sex. Lets get naked and do the missionary. Bang bang. Cigarette. Movie time. Sleep. And thats it. If you tell a vanilla person that they are vanilla, they would often answer back with; thats not true. I enjoy various positions during sex. I even like hand jobs, fellatio and other stuff. So clearly I am not what you just called me.

What is actually normal sex. And why is so many offended being called normal

I guess there is no word describing normal sex. When I hear the word I think about what I described. Naked sex, missionary, standard routine. But thats just me. I think the word common sex is more accurate. Because lets face it, who wants to have a normal sex life. Being normal and ordinary isn’t that inspiring to people, and it sounds more like a routine job. Vanilla is a made up word. A word to describe everything we are not. Its a label. Just like we label ourselves fetishists.

I try to put my self in the mind of a vanilla person with no luck.

Here is why Picasso and Dali is considered as one of the most influential artists in modern age. They had a development. Like any artist that is successful, either it was the Beatles or Beethoven. They all moved forward to discover new things. So I guess what I am trying to say is; I tried naked sex. Missionary. Lets move on. My question is, why would someone be happy to stay in the same position and not want to explore more.

Are we really extraordinary just because we dress up in latex and whip each other?

I would say yes. And with good reason. Not everyone can be Picasso or Paul McCartney. They are extraordinary people. The same goes for everything. The most commonly known research is that 1 out of 10 people have a fetish. It could be innocent or it could be a profound factor in your life. Like my latex fetish. Which I am very happy and proud to practice. Some people are a little upset that latex is going main stream, because they want it to be something special, but they dont have to worry. If 1 out of 10 people have a fetish I would say that 1 out of 2000 have some sort of latex fetish. And 1 out of a 5.000 musical artist will dress up in latex next week. Latex will always be just our thing.


2 thoughts on “The vanilla files

  1. I can relate to feeling annoyed when something I enjoy goes mainstream. I still cannot forgive Metallica’s black album.. But for me, something like latex is different. I think it will catch on and continue to grow in its popularity, maybe it will prompt fashion houses to develop other fabrics with a similar look but perhaps more.. manageable?.. That would be grand, and I am sure a lot of pop stars would follow but I know there will be you, and a lot of others like us that just love the material as it is, exactly as it is and will continue to love it when the limelight moves on to the next thing.
    Also, vanilla is a derogatory, contemptuous term that I don’t like. It has its place among the dick heads of the ‘scene’ and frankly can stay with them. I have no scene and privately, like everyone, am a fucking molten metal dragon fire chipmunk snorting hairy backed latexed up to fuck vanilla pissing private person that takes no heed of such wank talk. Luv the blog.

  2. Dear Valentina

    I suspect that many of us, and I use the word “us” loosely, in the sense of anyone with a built in passion for latex, rubber, rainwear anything that can be worn etc etc, have been through the sort of loop that started with my very first memories in life:

    omg: there is something wrong with me and I am the only person on the planet with this mad fetish. I feel guilty.

    omg: did I just see my neighbour (I had an early paper round) put on her black satin rubber lined mac on her naked body and hug herself? I suppose at that time of the morning, she mistook it for her dressing gown.

    omg: there are small ads in the paper for “special” rubber clothes cunningly disguised as “exercise suits”. This means there are others out there (all males of course) otherwise there would be no point in advertising.

    omg: I really like this and I am not going to give it up just because I read an article that said that rubber fetishism is a mental disease but aversion therapy can cure it. Aversion therapy meant making the poor sod dress in a rubber raincoat and gloves, then giving him an emetic.

    omg: I am actually quite normal. Some people like wearing the dried and spun saliva of silk worms, some like burning cylinders of shredded vegetation between their lips and I like the feel of the coagulated sap of a tree. Mark us all out of 10.

    omg: My passion hurts nobody. I dont peddle it and cause misery, I dont risk my life with it.

    omg: There are women who share the passion. Just knowing they exist is enough.

    omg: There is nothing wrong with me and I am one of many on the planet with this mad fetish. I feel not guilty.

    I actually don’t mind my “dark” corner becoming enlightened to be shared by as many wo wish to. It means I can walk into the bank with my hydroglove top (it feels so nice) showing under my jacket like a T-shirt and maybe one day, Daphne behind the desk will be wearing a stunning Lady Gaga number.

    Super blog by the way. I have some comments for your history posts. Maybe next week.

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