OOTN – Outfit of the night

Are you tired of my rubber rainwear yet? I hope not because I really love this style. I´m looking at more rubber rainwear in other colors such as transparent, pink and jade green. I just got a bunch of new latex gloves this week and will do a separate post about them shortly. But first, who wants to play with a rubber girl? ❤


3 thoughts on “OOTN – Outfit of the night

  1. Such a lovley Rubber Raincoat girl, who can say not to play with you?? Who can say not to pass the hands about your very pretty and smothered Rubbercoat and take the smell of your body founded all in Rubber? Only can say doing this I will be the most lucky man of the world! Many Kisses where do you want to have 🙂

  2. Good Morning, I have just seen your blog and I find it absolutely fantastic. Your photos are very beautiful. I find you beautiful with the SBR Mac. I have the same passion as you and I regret that here in France, women do not dress like you. I hope you will continue to post pictures!


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