The forgotten voices – Part 1

Hello my dear readers. Awhile back ago I was asking around for help to write a article about men living in non latex relationships or men that would consider them selves as latex virgins. I got a huge amount of response, mainly on Fetlife. The only problem was; I wasn’t ready for it!

Guys all over the world wanted to share their story. And my inbox was glowing red! I felt I didn’t ask the right questions to the right people so I had to shut down the project only to catch up with the response. I can honestly say that I have talked to more than 200 men currently living with a so-called vanilla partner. Either they haven’t told their better half yet or their girlfriends are simply not willing to participate in any kinky activities.

I realized that I had to put all these men in several groups in order to ask the right questions about their fetishes. My only request in this survey was that the guys who came forward had a tru passion for latex; and latex being their main fetish.

8Meet Jake, a 31 year old guy from California. He was one of the first to share his story. His passion for latex developed at his early twenties. Prior to that he always had a thing for everything shin
y, especially leather. He remembers back in high school when girls would wear leather pants to school. Driving him absolutely crazy. But his story goes even further back. Back to when he was only five years old. His absolutely earliest memory is watching his aunt doing dishes in a pair of pink rubber gloves. She would lift him up at the counter right next to the sink and let him help her with the dishes. He still remembers those early precious moments that would develop into a serious glove fetish later in life.

Jake seems to be a very nice guy and he is definitely not shy when it comes to his personal life. Maybe because I dont know him and he dont know me. He is behind a computer on the other side of the world and have nothing to fear. I was the one asking him questions and maybe that made the situation of opening up to a stranger a bit more easy.

He continues to tell me about his glove fetish that developed during high school. He tells me that he always used to look for any opportunity to catch a glimpse of a gloved lady. His favorite gloves at this age is the ones reminding him of those gloves his aunt use to wear. But really, any kind of rubber gloves would do it. What I find remarkable is his ability, creativity and the lengths he is willing to go. He would often visit hotells and other places where there is a high possibility to see a lady in rubber gloves. And though it might not be his most proud moments, he also managed to steal quite the amount of rubber gloves. At the age of 15 he never could enjoy mastrubation without rubber gloves.

His fetish developed into a pure latex fetish during his early twenties. Mainly because the arrival of internet. He tells me that discovering latex was the feeling of being found, after being lost his entire life. He now has a girlfriend but she does not share his passion. Nor does she wear latex and not even rubber gloves.

This is where my article really begins. Because I want to know what fetishist feel, living in a vanilla relationship. This has not been easy for Jake. He tells me that he views his fetish as a curse. That he is cursed from meeting the girl of his dreams. But on the other side a relationship is more than just sex and pleasure. He has settled with the situation and seems just fine with it. He hides his rubber gloves and luckily, his says, she haven’t found them yet.

He has bought a black latex dress and long black latex gloves for his girlfriend. She used it once and the outfit has been in the closet ever since. Although he wish she would wear it more often he also understands that she is not into it and he respects that. Their sex life is not particularly good at this moment but somehow they have both settled. They love each other and find themselves to be soulmates. Latex and rubber gloves is not going to destroy that, he says.

This is one out of many stories I would like to share with you during the next couple of weeks. I have so much material that I honestly dont know where to begin. Jake was sort of the easy one just to get this article out. I thank him for telling me about his fetish. How it began and what his girlfriend thinks about it.

Stay tuned for more.


4 thoughts on “The forgotten voices – Part 1

  1. Hi Valentina, and a happy, new rubbery/latexial new year to you! 🙂

    I have a story to tell too, but perhaps you have more than enought already?
    In short; I’m married to a fantastic woman who accepts my fetishes, is fascinated by latex, but not into it.
    I also went through many stages on my way to feel really comfortable with my fetishism.
    I’m ready to go more into details if you still need stuff for your article.

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