Do girls like men in latex

I often get this question from time to time and it is a interesting question. No doubt that most latex loving guys also enjoy getting in to the wonderful and slippery material. They enjoy it equally much as to seeing their partner dressed in latex. So, why do so many guys wonder about whether we find this sexy or not, while us ladies are pretty confident and sure about weather a guy likes what he sees.

Now remember, this is only my personal opinion and not the most common opinion so Im going to trow this right out there; I dont like men dressed in latex.

Sounds horrible being so honest, but its true. And maybe you find it a bit weird because I truly love latex. Just not on men. Actually every place else. Even as furniture! But there is a couple of reasons to why I dont fancy men in tight latex clothes.

For me latex is a erotic, sensual, sexy, mysterious and a feminine thing. I believe its ment for ladies. Its ment to enhance our femininity, push in the right spots and squeeze the right parts to make our body more hourglass shape. i.e corsets, zippers and figure shaped items. Latex makes me comfortable, relaxed and confident. Thats whats appealing to me. Besides how it looks it feels just incredibly soft and I love how my latex gloves slides up and down the smooth surface. It smells like sex to me. Forget about all other human cents, latex smells and reminds me of sex. Simple as that. It also sounds like pure erotic perfume. Wish there was a perfume that actually smelled latex. And finally, it tastes better than a medium raw steak. Latex consumes all my senses and I react to the very present of it. So why not on a guy you ask?

The guy, boy, slave, what have you, still plays the most important part of my relationship with latex. And since I dont like men wearing latex I actually do like them completely naked. Together with me fully dressed in latex. Layers upon layers. The more latex the better it is. This only works if the guy has a huge latex fetish, and its the connection between the naked helpless him and the powerful me. The looks he gives me, like he forgets about all other things and focus 100% only on me. The extreme power me and my shiny latex outfit have over him, its more controlling than bondage. I have complete control over his very mind and thoughts. He has no choice what so ever than to fall under my latex spell, being totally and sensually dominated. I dont even have to tie him up or bring out the whip or anything. I can simply ask him to kneel in front of me and kiss my latex feet and he would do so with all his heart.

This connection is truly amazing and such a big and important part of a latex relationship. So even though I dont fancy guys in latex I truly do fancy them naked, helpless and on their knees… In front of their Latex Goddess.




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