Latex Domme and her latex sub

Hello my dear kinky readers! Its Friday the 13th, and Im just back home from my workout. First of all I am overwhelmed for the response I got from you about my post about men in latex. My email inbox, fetlife and my inbox at various forums are glowing red! And Im truly sorry if I haven’t answered !you! but my policy is that I will answer you all eventually.

Ok, so lets talk about latex because after my post there was tonnes of questions. Many of you want to know what kind of latex I wear, where I buy it, how I got into latex.. but mostly about latex in relationships. If I were to write about all there is to say about the topics this post would be pages and pages long so I will cover the ground stuff. Hope you are ok with that.

Ok so first of all, as I said in my post about men in latex, this is only my opinion alone and I dont speak for the majority of latex ladys. So keep that in mind.

I want to talk about latex in a relationship where both of you enjoy latex. And being a Dominant lady I will write from my personal perspective. So in this case it would be a latex Domme and a latex sub. For me personally I get along best with subs because lets be honest, they are the exact opposite of me but that actually works! Where my mind like to decide what we will have for dinner, a subs mind are equally happy to accept my choice. My comfort and well being is his concerns, and he always put my interests before his owns. That being said I know exactly how to reward him back where it really matters.

A latex sub is my exact opposite. Where I dress in latex, he does not. Where he worships my latex feet, I get pleasure of that. Seeing him crawled at the floor, worshipping the very ground my latex feet walks on. It gives him as much pleasure doing it, as it gives me receiving kisses on my precious latex feet. Latex is a powerful weapon and used right I will break him down and he will sooner than later learn his place. This process doesn’t necessarily take long. But it is build upon trust. And trust is actually more important than both the latex and Domme/sub relation it self. Honesty is equally important.

Well here is the fun part. As a Domme, its my job to find out how and when to push his buttons. So I know exactly where I have him, what state of mind is he in. Is he happy. Is he sad. All those things are important to me. Because its easy to set aside feelings when latex is offered. Isn’t it?

For me personally latex and latex fetishism is a word that describes a ocean of opportunities. So one guy who has a latex fetish might feel different about some stuff than another guy. I am openminded and right now there is nothing in the latex world that surprises me anymore. Lets go back to the fun part again. So a guy likes latex. But if he tells me he likes latex. And latex alone, after being asked to be specific. Well, then I dont think he has a fetish. He might find it sexy for sure. So asking a true latex lover about what he likes the answer would be very different. Maybe he likes a strict rubber nurse, or maybe he likes being inside a vac bed. Or maybe he has crazy feeling towards gloves. This things are very important to tell your Domme. Believe me, it goes right in the tool-box!

So as a Domme, its my pleasure of using my various tools. Lets say he generally is being turned on by seeing me in any type of latex. He has a huge glove fetish, so I make sure to buy lots of gloves. He also have a fetish for sucking my latex feet and generally have my latex feet in his face. Sure, but I would tell him to massage them first, and then suck my cute shiny toes! Lets say he has a fetish for gas-masks. Sure, they are hot! I would definitely use one, but not all the time. These tings are treats that I give my little pet. And as much as I love giving treats I get equally much in return.

I would tease him, let him worship me in all possible ways. Because those things are basics in any Domme/sub relationship. Adding latex will surely be torture for a latex sub. Using his most inner and secret desires and fantasies against him, in a responsible way, and I will achieve a obedient and happy sub that appreciates our connection in ways he could never imagine. The same goes for me.

Take care, and enjoy your weekend!

Love and kisses from Valentina.



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