Latex brainwash


I have always been fascinated by the human psyche and the way our brain works. Being a natural born latex fetishist I have done my own research about the subject studying my self and other latex enthusiasts.

Over the years I have practiced and perfected the art of brainwashing fetish clips. I believe that it is possible to reach deep inside the victims mind and stimulate the very nerves where latex fetishism is imprinted from early childhood.

My personal brainwashing clips are custom made so that I can use the most essential latex garment to ensure that your secret and most inner desires are fulfilled.

Latex brainwashing can be a powerful and mind altering experience filled with the pleasures of latex and rubber.

For more information please contact me at

Skjermbilde 2015-03-31 kl. 07.44.15

2 thoughts on “Latex brainwash

  1. Hello mam, i have a crazy fetish for rubber and latex gloves, ever since i was five years old i loved wrearing rubber gloves and smothering my face with them while masterbating, my ultimate fantasy would be you smothering me and forcing your whole rubber gloved hand into my mouth telling me to taste the rubber glove…wow, that would be fun and enjoyable..thank you for listening…sincerely Scott

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