Shopping guide


Welcome to my very own shopping guide for latex and rubber attire. These are my personal favorites. These offer unique and rare latex designs. When this is done it will help you find what you are looking for.

Medical fetish

  • Rubber Magic is one of my favorite medical fetish shops. They have a nice variety of rare and authentic hospital latex uniforms and accessories. Everything from gowns, aprons, bonnets and nurse uniforms.
  • Signature Latex has a really nice nurse collection. Their medical accessories are unique and their attention to details is amazing. They also offer latex express delivery on some medical attire like hats, aprons and gloves.
  • Super liquid has the most amazing green latex OP gowns, nurse hoods and doctors uniforms.

Rubber rainwear

  • Rimo Mode is one of the most unique designers when it comes to coats, capes and outerwear. They offer both vinyl and latex clothing.
  • Weathervain is a classic London based mackintosh manufacturer. They have some of the most classic rubber rainwear and you can always choose between SBR, latex or heavyweight latex on most of their macs.
  • Seal wear is another great choice if you are looking for mackintoshes. They offer classic and rare latex macs and have years of experience.

Basic latex

  • Catsuits – The best catsuit you could wear is found at Fantastic rubber.
  • Dresses – Huge variety and cutting edge designs from Westwardbound.

11 thoughts on “Shopping guide

  1. Hello mam…i was wondering if your long orange rubber gloves were from the company North safety cleanroom rubber gloves…i would like a pair

  2. My question is “Do you trade gloves with others who also collect Rubber & Latex gloves?”, I do have a vast collection of gloves I have purchased here in the United States, would love to trade glove. Valorie Frances

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