Hi, my name is Valentina and welcome to my blog.

You probibly know this allready but my great passion in life is latex and rubber. I hope to inspire you by showcasing some of my latex, but also write about the latex industy and the cutting edge designers and the people who wears them.


Latex is my biggest fetish. And my passion keeps growing each day. The shiny, figure hugging material feels so lovely, looks amazing and smells fantastic. My latex fetish started at a early point in my life, but Im not sure why it happend or when exactly. I can spend hours just looking at latex. My passion for latex seems to evolve even today. I enjoy the lovely smell of rubber and latex, the sound and the feeling.

Glove fetish

I also have a huge fetish for latex gloves, in all lenght and colours. My favorite pair of gloves is long black tight glossy latex gloves. My collection of gloves keeps growing and I now have more than 40 pairs of fetish latex gloves. I also enjoy rubber gloves and completed my rubber glove project fall 2015 with more than 40 pairs of tight and long rubber gloves.

Rubber rainwear

My pashion for fetish rainwear keeps growing also. I have a true fetish for rubber rainwear, rubber and SBR macs, latex coats, rubber and latex coats, rubber riding boots and rubber boots in general. I also love PVC and plastic macs, vinyl coats and capes. My absolutte favorite is the SBR mackintosh with a tight belt, double breasted. Keeps me dry and looks amazing!


7 thoughts on “Valentina

  1. dear valentina. Its a great pleasure to see your photos abd video clips. Thats beautiful and lovely. You make me feel.

    lovely greedings from germany

  2. dear valentina… Its wonderful to see you:-). Its amazing and damned hot. Your latex fetish is powerful. Amazing:-)…

    nuce greedings from germany!.

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