At number one you will find a pair of rubber rain boots from Louis Vuitton. There is no other rain boots in the world that could compete with these ones. They are even so rare that I dont even have a link to them. At $1.990.00 they are definitely the most expensive item on my wishlist.

At number two you will find a pair of boots from Christian Louboutin. These boots are ment for photo shooting, banners and pictures. They would be one of my most precious pair of boots. At $1.545.00 they are some of the most expensive item on my wishlist.

At number three you will find the big boob catsuit from Fantastic rubber. I believe that this is the mother of all catsuits. I would have it custom made to fit my body and ad the F cup silicone boobs. At $675.00 it is the most expensive latex item on my wishlist.